Bacon Cereal

5 04 2009
Das ist auch schon ein wenig älter. Bei uns war das Rezept allerdings noch nicht zu lesen. Jetzt zum nachkochen, das großartige Speckmüsli:






„I’m not sure how to describe the feeling of eating this. It was far worse than the Ultimate Bacon Sandwich. It probably compares to being electrocuted while having your wisdom teeth removed by a back alley dentist. My tongue burned with each bite from the sodium content. I was certain that I couldn’t finish the entire bowl, at least not without severe intestinal repercussions. But, I knew that under no circumstance was I ever going to do this again so it’s a one shot deal. The last bite went down about as smoothly as a pile of broken glass, but I made it.“




One response

29 04 2009
Bacon Explosion

Auch ein nettes Bacon Rezept, aber kein Vergleich zu Bacon Explosion 🙂

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